360°<sup>®</sup> Sport Level Protection<sup>®</sup>

360°® Sport Level Protection®

Designed to fit your body and its every move

Tapered Tip

Tapered Tip

Gentle and smooth insertion

FlexFit<sup>®</sup> Technology

FlexFit® Technology

Absorbs quickly to trap leaks

Leak Defense

Leak Defense

Anti-leak backup layer

Pink graphic with bold white text stating "up to 8 hour comfort and protection"

Playtex® Sport® Tampons provide up to 8 hours of comfort, freshness, and all-around protection

Our NEW Playtex® Sport® Trio Packs provide coverage for your light to heavy days, so you can move with confidence. Voted 2024 Product of the Year!

Fit Your Flow

Playtex Sport tampons are available in all absorbencies, so you can stay protected no matter what your period brings

Playtex Sport tampons have absorbencies for your flow from Light to Ultra

How to Use a Tampon

How to Use a Tampon

Playtex® offers several different types of tampons based on your unique needs and preferences. If you’re just starting out, try Playtex® Sport®.

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*vs. Playtex® Sport® Regular Absorbency tampons