For Parents: Having “The Talk” With Your Child About Puberty And Menstruation?

When the time arrives, initiating “the talk” about puberty and menstruation with your child may seem daunting. Although they may truly be confused and curious about what’s going on with their body, they may be too shy to approach you. That’s why it’s important to let them know you’re there for them to talk about it.

If you find they’re resistant, don’t let it discourage you–they may not be ready to talk about it just yet. You can casually test the waters from time to time to help them feel more at ease or consider planning an activity they enjoy that may help break the ice for “the talk.”

If you’re a female figure in their life, reassure them that you can relate by sharing some of your personal experiences about your first period. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate that you broached the topic. No matter how they react, it’s important to reinforce that you’re there for them.

Since every teen is different, you may consider finding another adult they’re comfortable with for this conversation: a family member, stepparent, doctor, nurse, teacher, coach, or guidance counselor. Let them know that you want what’s best for them, which includes getting the answers they need.

You also can reassure them that you’ll buy them period products each month if they’re too uncomfortable to purchase their own. Share which products you use and put together a “period essentials kit” for them with:

  • Your favorite Playtex® tampons
  • Their favorite snack
  • Ibuprofen
  • A travel-size stain-remover
  • Heating patches for pain relief
  • A discreet, on-the-go pack for carrying these items

Life changes can be overwhelming, and being a supporting parent is what matters most. While understanding the physical and mental changes of puberty and menstruation are not easy, it’s an exciting time for growing young adults and parents. You will get through it!

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